The push-up has to be the most well-known and widely used bodyweight exercise of them all. However, the number of people performing them seems to be much lower than it should be. This is probably for a number of reasons, but the main one has to be the fact that the majority of people discard push-ups when they feel they cannot build any real strength with them. This is a huge mistake.

Many of the gymnastics push-up variations require huge amounts of strength and power, and make the bench press look like child’s play!

Below we will look at 5 awesome variations that will really test your ability.

The standard push-up

Fitness_eBook-5268The standard push-up is the most basic of all push-up variations, yet some people move on from this movement too soon. There is much to be said for getting this version absolutely perfect before attempting harder variations.

The ring push-up


Although it looks exactly the same as the standard push-up, the ring push-up is many times harder than the standard variation, due to the massive instability of the rings themselves. The ring push-up is also a good taste of what ring training feels like, and can really help to open the door to further gymnastics conditioning, like ring supports, ring dips, muscle-ups, and many more.

The clap push-up


Fitness_eBook-5322Developing power with push-ups is relatively easy with the following variation. Clap push-ups can be adjusted and made much easier by placing your hands on a raised platform, and you don’t have to stop with a single clap. Clapping behind the back, clapping twice, and clapping three times can all be attained if you train hard enough.

The handstand push-up









































The handstand push-up is a good variation that will target the shoulder much more than any other bodyweight movement. It also has the added bonus of requiring you to develop a solid handstand, which will do wonders for your athletic ability.

The Planche push-up



The Planche push-up has to be the ultimate variation for this exercise. It requires you to hold your entire bodyweight in the air, with your feet off the ground, and then perform a push-up. Needless to say, this variation can take people years to perfect, and goes a long way to show that extreme strength can be built using bodyweight exercise.

To learn how to perform these exercises, and many more besides, please check out my new eBook The Push-up Bible available on Amazon today, and take your push-up training to the next level!

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